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August 24th, 2008
01:27 pm


Why I'm not using LJ as often...

Remember, a vote for me is one less vote for the other guys.


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August 9th, 2008
03:14 am


Heh, one more thing or two about VOICE
For those following along, I'm currently in a pic or two on the Voiceoverxtra.com as part of their coverage of the event.

Cool stuff!

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02:55 am


VOICE 2008 (Day 1 & 2)
Well, the day started off like most other trips. went to the airport, played the usual dance and transferred flights in PHX (not a bad airport, as they go). Flight got to LAX a little late & I called shuttle service to get to the hotel.

Frigging thing took over 2 hours to get me there. It was less than 12 miles from the airport. Grr...

Got there, checked in, and immediately hit the red carpet gala. The thing was more than half over, but what the hell, right? Anyway, first thing I noticed that the guy standing next to me was none other than Kyle Herbet. It was nice to finally meet both him and Kara Edwards.

It gets better from there. I'd no sooner walked oin the door when I got a mad rush from a HUGE chunk of the VO-BB crowd. To have the emcee, Dave Corvo stop what he was doing to come give me a hug was almost worth the trip. To then have that followed by Marian Massaro, Melissa Exelberth, Rachel Rauch, Pat Fraley, Bob & Eric Souer (I stole Bob's cufflinks... as he was wearing them; returned tem of course), Bobbin Beam, Connie Tertwillinger, and so many others was all I needed to convince me that I'd make the right choice in coming.

Today started out with a great introduction and keynote address. From there it was all business, as Deb Munroe got right to business with the art of auditioning. Gabrielle from voicehunter.com went through imaging (very cool stuff), and then with Richard Horovitz (aka Inavder Zim) which totally rocked. Later in the evening, I got to the open panel & met the cast of "The Land Before Time" (and learned the Bob Bergen had been contacted by a studio I'm visiting out here... it's great when a friend helps out, and there are few folks as nice & as talented as Bob).

Yeah, the box earned nearly 20 signatures in the past 2 days.

I also chatted with the guys from Enhanced Audio, who have a rocking new stand out (definitely woth checking out, and yeah I'll see a studio test tomorrow), and spent time at the tech terrace. LOL! That turned out to be a mistake, as everyone came out of the woodwork with issues, and I quickly got tapped as one of the resident experts (nearly missed a panel, hehehe).

waaay too much happened, and the best of the best news was that I got word back that I am in the studio at 10:30am on Monday. WOOT!

I'll post more as I can, but despite what the naysayers have said, VOICE 2008 is definitely shaping up to be a hit.


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August 7th, 2008
04:38 am


Safe travels everybody!
I know that a lot of folks are either in transit, or getting ready to travel to Baltimore or Los Angeles.

Have a safe trip, everyone.  I'll see those of you heading to LA, some of you in a studio, most at the VOICE Conference.

I'll miss the rest of you who are at Otakon this year (it's still a little twinge to miss my first Otakon, ever since there was an Otakon).

Take care, and I can't wait to see all the pics, and hear all the stories.


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August 1st, 2008
09:03 am


Apparently either karma is overdue, or I owe someone big time.

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July 31st, 2008
12:03 pm


Uhm... okay, if you say so

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July 20th, 2008
10:57 am


As luck would have it
Well, VOICE 2008 is quickly approaching.  I'll be going, along with a lot of other fellow VAs, and I suspect a lot of folks aspiring to join in the fun.

When I was in LA about three weeks ago, scheduling conflicts kept me from being able to attend a Dodgers game.  It was a bit heartbreaking, but that's how the die was rolled, so you just go with it.

Turns out that was a blessing in disguise, since Monday August 11th the Dodgers are hosting the Phillies at 7:05.  Not only will I get to see the stadium, but I'll get to watch my home team whomp on the Dodgers a bit (at least I hope so).

I know a few friends have already expressed interest in going with me, so it's looking like it could be one hell of a party to conclude the conference with.

(if you're also interested, ping me and we'll set something up)

See?  Sometimes things work out in your favor...

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July 18th, 2008
11:27 am


Initial proofs
Well, two big things have been keeping me from putting up a website.  Permission (long story on that one) and the lack of a good logo.  The second reason has been quite an amusing tale as I have learned that those in the graphic arts, even those with talent, are flaky at best.  I went through more firms and freelancers than I care to count.  Prices varied, and to get a good graphic artist you're going to pay a lot, but money was never the issue... competence, talent, and communication was.

Anyhoo, after much consternation, I finally found someone who seemed to fit the bill.  Going with my own personal style, we decided to focus more on a 50'ish rat pack kind of theme.  I submit to you, the humble reader some initial drafts of where we're going with this.


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July 16th, 2008
10:21 am


Fun while it lasted
For those who haven't heard as of yet, Voice123 decided to kill their forums yet again.  Last year, the company decided to shut down parts of the forum, in response to criticism that their system wasn't working properly and that they appealed to various bottom-feeding methods.  However, they'd decided that it was probably smarter to just let volunteers run the board and use it as an SEO generator rather than to kill it outright.

This morning they apparently changed their minds and instituted a new forum, accessible by paying members only and controlled solely by their own staff.  From the other boards there is already talk of massive deletion of critical posts and editing of user posts by board moderators.

I don't think I can say anything from a personal perspective on this save to say "ouch!".

I get the sinking feeling that things might have just gotten worse for the folks using that particular service, and that the online world of VO just took a major hit in the credibility department.

I'm viewing this as proof positive that this is why, as a talent, one might want to utilize a service such as V123, Voices.com, etc. But that your best best is the same as it's always been.  To pound the pavement, and market yourself.  Nobody will ever know your brand as well as you do, and frankly, if you're not willing to market yourself and provide that bit of faith and trust in yourself to put it all on the line, then why should anyone else?

On a semi-related note, I finally have a graphic artist for the site.  It's been one hell of a ride trying to find one who didn't flake out or produce "clippy" work (bit of advice, avoid thelogocompany.net like the plague; very poor work), but I managed to find a good one and we signed the contract for logo and related stuff about two weeks back.  A lot of this is being done by hand, so it'll be another week or so before I see the initial drafts.  I won't go into too much more detail save for this:  think swinging 50s, Rat Pack.

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July 11th, 2008
01:02 am


There are few things worse than dealing with an adult acting like a child
Small vent session here

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